Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Alex Beadon’s ‘Feel Good Blogging Challenge’ Day 3

My challenge for today is to… ‘Teach my audience how to do something’

Over the years I have been shocked & saddened by the number of people who I have met who have told me that they do not like their wedding photos (its quite a few).  So I decided to give some tips to all the brides & grooms out there.

Yes I am a wedding photographer and of course I welcome new clients & bookings but I am writing this from a neutral position.

Everyone has a budget and that is the most important thing when people start searching.  Some photographers offer a £500 wedding package for all day coverage and some who charge £3,000 but whatever your budget is I would recommend the following.

1. Recommendations.  Can a friend recommend a photographer to you?  Did you like your friends wedding photographer?  Look at the images they handed over to your friend – do you love them?  Did your friend love them?  Read online reviews from past clients.

2. Love the images.  Look at the photographers portfolio either on their blog or website & also read the photographers blog posts to get a feel of what they are about.  Never book a photographer just because it is within your budget, make sure you actually love their work.  If you want a cheap deal that is totally fine and you will find plenty of great photographers offering that service but if you are looking for a creative, artisic photographer who will hand over something a different with a fine art feel, expect to pay more.

3. Talk shop. Find out the prices but don’t be put off if the price is out of your budget, speak to the photographer and sometimes a reduction can be offered for out of season or small weddings.  Every wedding is different so photographers have to be flexible & something can usually be done to help you.  Remember photographers want the work!

4. What is included?  Ask the photographer if their package includes all of the high res images on a cd/usb? or will you have to pick & pay extra for the individual images you want on top?  Will there be an extra cost for photobooks, prints etc?  Can your family purchase products?  It might not work out as cheap as you thought if your £500 package costs an extra £350 for a fine art photobook.  Fine art, photo books are stunning but you can have a go at creating your own photobook online, it won’t be the same quality but a much cheaper option.

5. Post production.  Ask if they will edit the images to a high, professional standard?  How many hours will they spend on the editing?  How long will it take to finish and hand over the images?  What is their turnaround during the peak summer season?

6.  Coffee or call.  Arrange to meet the photographer for a coffee or have a friendly chat on the phone, you can ask any burning questions you have and also find out if you like the photographer, do they look/sound professional?  Do they make you feel comfortable just by having a friendly chit chat?  Have they got some great creative ideas?  Are they enthusiastic & passionate about what they are offering?

7.  Book the best you can afford.   You have found the photographer you want yay – a brilliant photographer who produces awesome wedding images but you can’t afford them, remember that most photographers offer a payment plan where you can pay smaller monthly installments.  Pick the best quality you can, for the budget that you have.

Final thoughts.  Make sure you are completely happy with your photographer, you have either spoken over the phone or have met up with them, you trust them, read reviews from previous clients, you love their portfolio of work, you have agreed an amount which you are comfortable with which is the best you can afford.  All of the above might take a couple of hours of your time but it will be worth it when see your wedding images & you are really, really happy  : )

I hope that this blog post helps you in some way.

Thank you

Jess x