Don’t Be Camera Shy

Alex Beadon’s – The Feel Good Blogging Challenge Day 6

Firstly, I would like to admit that I am camera shy!  I know, I’m a photographer so should be used to doing self portraits etc but I much prefer to be behind the viewfinder taking the photos.  If I am out with friends and relaxed (had a drink), I’m happy to have my photo taken but having my photo taken in a formal situation makes me shudder – so I know how you feel when you say that you hate having your photo taken.

How do you deal with your camera shy nerves? 

Well you aren’t alone because of all the weddings I have captured I would say 80% of the clients have told me that they are camera shy but none of my clients have ever looked camera shy in their wedding photos.  Apart from when I take the family group shots, most clients forget that I am there and that allows me to take candid, natural images of them laughing, smiling and just being themselves.

I have lots more advise to give but will return back to this blog post later on…..