A Day In The Life Of – A Wedding Photographer (Me!)

Alex Beadon The Feel Good Blogging Challenge – Day 7

Woo hoo it is the final day of the seven day blogging challenge, I have managed to complete all seven days yay!  I am all blogged out but glad I did it!

For my final task I needed to pick a hot topic within my industry, something that people hold strong opinions about.  Over the years I have been shooting weddings I have heard many people say ‘Oh how hard can it be just take photos at a wedding?’ or ‘Wedding photographers get paid too much for a day’s work’.  Well I want to show you how many hours of work actually go into a wedding day for me – you might be surprised.

My case study is based on an all day wedding which I  captured in 2012 at Chicheley Hall, Newport Pagnell and the couple also had a pre-wedding shoot at the wedding venue.

How many hours of work actually goes into a wedding?

1 hour – Speaking on the phone to bride Kathryn, typing up & emailing quote & other forms

4 hours – Pre-wedding shoot at venue Chicheley Hall including travel to venue & emailing image ideas/arranging shoot

4 hours – Post production editing of pre-wedding shoot & emailing to client

1 hour – Emailing, sorting out and printing schedule, shot & guest list forms for the wedding

12 hours – Capturing full wedding day from bride prep to first dance, 12pm til 9pm including travel to venue

20 hours – Post production, editing of wedding including creating/ordering usb box & a4 photo book

Total amount of hours spent on this full day wedding with pre-wedding shoot including all editing & travel = 42 hours

So this wedding took me 42 hours of work in total which is like a full weeks work in an office and I know £1,000 sounds great for just one day of work but many wedding photographers don’t shoot a wedding every week.  In the summer we are busy but when the busy season ends, we may only shoot one wedding a month over the winter months.

I do my own book keeping and have to pay taxes, design/website costs, stationary, cds, usbs, petrol, liability insurance and have to arrange childcare.  I have invested thousands of pounds on camera equipment & courses and can you imagine the number of hours that I have spent training/practising using my camera on manual mode.

I love my job and it doesn’t seem like work sometimes but I hope breaking it down like this shows you just how much work goes into a wedding for the photographer (me).  The next time someone says that my job is easy, I might just ask them to read this for a little eye opener and insight into my world..

Thank you

Jess x