Interview With A Pro – Kat from Rock N Roll Bride

Welcome to this years interview with a pro featuring Kat from Rock n Roll Bride!

Rock n Roll Bride is an online and printed wedding based magazine which showcases some of the most unique and diverse weddings and also the most talented wedding suppliers from all over the world including photographers.

I love the mission statement of Rock n Roll Bride which states that being ‘Rock n Roll’ isn’t about being cool or a rebel, it is about planning a wedding that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your own way.  To be featured on the Rock n Roll Bride site you don’t have to be wacky or intentionally quirky – you just have to be you!  (I love this ethos).

Kat is very busy, so in order to make her life easier I decided to send her ten questions which only required short answers.

Me:  Hi Kat, thank you for taking the time & without further ado… roughly, how many weddings do you get emailed every week?

Kat:  Oh my god, I actually looked for you and last week I got somewhere in the region of 350!

Me:  How many of those weddings get published on the RnR bride blog?

Kat:  350 submissions basically equates to around 50 a day, and out of all those submissions I probably accept less than 5. There are lots of great weddings in there, but the majority of them aren’t suitable for my specific blog’s niche. 

Me:  Does the wedding have to be unusual, unique or quirky to feature on RnR Bride?

Kat:  The short answer is yes. All the weddings I accept have something about them that makes them unusual, whether it’s something simple like the dress, or more elaborate like an amazing theme that I’ve never seen before.

The number one reason I turn down weddings isn’t that they’re any less beautiful or special, it’s just that they have a lot of elements that I, and my readers, have seen a million times before, or can frequently be seen on other blogs or in magazines.

Me:  Is there just ONE wedding which stands out to you as the most memorable one of all time (not your own)?

Kat:  Ainsley & Sebestien’s epic Vegas elopement was pretty bad ass!

Me:  Has showcasing stunning photography made you want to be a photographer too? Do you shoot?

Kat:  No and no haha! I am a big fan of documenting my life and taking photos, but I wouldn’t want to be a professional wedding photographer, no way!

Me:  If you could go back in time, would you change anything about your own wedding?

Kat:  Our wedding would be very different now but I don’t look back and regret anything about our day. It was magical. I do wish we’d had a wedding video though.

Me:  Silly girlie question… what colour is your crazy hair at the moment? : )

Kat:  Blue.

Me:  You have won many awards, what do you feel is your greatest achievement with RnR Bride so far?

Kat:  Just the fact that I get to run my own business, live life on my own terms and work from home, in sequinned sweatpants most of the time. I pinch myself every day that this is my life. I feel very blessed.

Me:  Where would you like RnR to be in say ten years time?

Kat:  You never know what the future holds and I’m very much of a ‘live in the moment’ kinda gal. My next big project is taking the magazine national so I’m VERY excited about what this development might mean for my business.

Me:  Where can people purchase an online or paper copy of RnR bride?

Kat:  The current issue three of the self-published magazine can be purchased via my website. We probably only have about 30 or so copies left actually though so I’m expecting it will be sold out very, very soon.

The new magazine (of the same name) which is being published by Giraffe Media, will be in newsagents and supermarkets nationwide in January. Subscriptions will also be available to buy online for those fans not in the UK.

Me:  Thank you Kat.

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Image credit: Shell De Mar Photography