Who Are My Dream Clients?

Alex Beadon’s ‘Seven Day Feel Good Blogging Challenge’

Day 1 – Describe My Tribe

My business is divided into four main categories: Weddings, Portraits, Events & Commercial.  I decided to describe my amazing wedding & portrait tribe because they are so brilliant!

My CCF tribe are easy going, relaxed, kind, thoughtful, very funny, giggle lots, don’t take themselves too seriously, sometimes quirky, interested in or appreciate art & photography.  My brides almost always create pinterest mood boards which is great because I’m addicted to pinterest, so we share shot ideas lots.

My bride & groom’s don’t have to be but are often professional couple’s whether that is a teacher, a nurse, a hairdresser, office manager, accountant, an engineer, beauty therapist or a childcarer.  They are usually mega organised & they either know what they want and have some ideas of their own or they are so relaxed that they trust me to come up with the ideas, either way I’m happy.

I love to work/hang out with my tribe because they are usually ‘up for it’ & shoots are always a giggle.  Relaxed shots are always required but they also love creative/artistic images which have some thought & are quite happy for me to experiment with my crazy ideas.

My tribe are also really cool & patient during the editing process which is good especially in the summer months when I’m mega busy.

I hope this has given you a little insight into my CCF tribe and who I love to work with.

Jess x

e: jess@ccfphotography.co.uk

Here is some Kirstie & Adam loveliness.. this awesome couple are a perfect example of my dream client : )